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I've just heard the new Pet Shop Boys single !!!

I've just heard the new Pet Shop Boys single !!!

Browsing through the Internet, I’ve just heard the new Pet Shop Boys single – I’m With Stupid …

It’s got a fantastically boombastic orchestra-meets-Gary-Numan opening, then settles down somewhat after that amazing high to be a traditionally good Pet Shop Boys song, with a reasonable bassline, fantastic lyrics. But the drums on it are awesome. Being a Trevor Horn production, it’s very “wall of sound” – they’ve thrown everything at it in between the lyrics, but it does work. If you ask me.

Must stop being giddy. Listen to it online (unofficially of course) or pick up the Mp3 via your local friendly Bittorrent application.

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  • Hi there, I just did a write-up about the Pet Shop Boys' new single for my own blog and did a Technorati search afterwards, so found myself here. You can listen to the single as a streaming audio file which plays automatically on the home page of the PSB official site as well, at

    Going to see them live in Liverpool in July. Yay! Can't wait, and I agree the single is pretty good stuff. The album 'Fundamental' promises to be brilliant but anyone intending to buy it is best advised to get the double-CD edition which includes an album of remixes called 'Fundamentalism'. It will include two songs not on the main album. x

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