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The last map is about to leave this station…

The last map is about to leave this station…

Imagine, for a second, that you’re lucky enough to be a Londoner, who loves the tube so much you’ve made various useful / silly maps of the Tube, hold the world record for going round the entire system in the quickest time possible, and even occasionally help to raise money for charity (not to mention traveller numbers). And they, frankly, need all the help they can get.

So how do you reward these interesting endeveaours from my mate Geoff? You threaten to take his website offline unless he removes said maps. Fortunately, because London Transport are such nice chaps (not), they’ve given him a deadline of Monday midnight (UK time).

So if you have any interest in the London Underground, and the only iconic urban transportaton map in the world (well, can you draw the New York metro map from memory?), then run and download these versions quickly, before the lawyers get to you too. and if you happen to have non-UK webspace, you might want to offer to mirror them.

As Amateur Transplants once sung in their hilarious song:

London Underground. They’re all lazy f**king useless c**ts.

I’d download that song (and make a suitable donation to charity) before the chuffin’ lawyers get their hands on that gem too. Even though half my mates at London Underground listen to the song on a regular basis.


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