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So, I watched the Oscars…

So, I watched the Oscars…

and I just cannot sum up the energy to rant and rave at Sky’s pathetic attempts at presenting it. Andrew Collins has a damn good go – but, if anything, it’s even WORSE than last year’s attempts.

For a start, they retained the “services” of Jamie Theakston. They went to all the trouble of trumpeting the fact they’d be at the Vanity Fair party, hired a limousine – and proceeded to spend most of the highlights programme stood OUTSIDE the party, nattering away.

For a highlights programme that was only 2 hours away, it’s shameful that they spent 35 minutes on the red carpet muttering inanities to actors who didn’t matter (who cares what Will Smith and J-Lo are wearing? They haven’t even BEEN in a film this year!) and took forever to get round to actually showing some awards.

Fortunately, this year, some kind American has uploaded the Oscars programmes in full and Jon-Stewart-highlight modes. And while I still don’t think Jon Stewart is as funny as nearly all my American chums say he is, meah, he’s ok. Not enough film jokes for my liking though.

Must run and see Crash at some point though.

And will someone please tell me what George Clooney has that I don’t? Aside from charm, and the right side of self-depreciation that is. It’s. just. not. fair.


  • I really liked Crash and highly recommend it. I was shocked that it won Best Picture considering the MSN editors had it under the "Top 10 Worst Movies" category a while back.

    As for George Clooney…ugh. I really do not find him appealing in any way.

  • Lots of surprises Sunday night: Crash, Clooney, Witherspoon, Brokeback Mountain. I didn't watch it all. Not sorry.

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