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Discovering new music…

Discovering new music…

I was idly listening to BBC Radio 1, when this fantastic American Deep-South sounding track with a fantastic bassline came through. So I hurriedly logged on, went to the BBC Radio 1 chatroom to beg for information on what this fantastic hitherto unknown track was. And a weary chatroom person told me that it was in fact the music that had accompanied the advert for Zane Lowe’s radio show for the past week on BBC television, namely Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy (released April 10). Indeed, it’s mentioned right on the Zane Lowe homepage.

Still, iTunes have no record of it so it must be reasonably obscure. And thus hopefully my half-hearted attempt to discover new music can still reasonably count.

UPDATE: Patently not obscure. Not if Geofftech was championing it a week ago. Really must pay attention to what other people are championing music-wise.

There was another time when I was following some friends and idly browsing in a music store. Then this fantastic tune with phat trumpets and funk came on, and I ran to the music counter begging to know what the tune was. I was hoping it was some obscure band I’d never heard before, that I could champion for the rest of the week thus making me cool.

Alas, it was Moloko. Pure Pleasure Seeker, if you must know. It was still so good that I bought the album.

One day, one day, I’ll find an obscure band I can like…


  • If it wasn't for you pesky kids, I would have gotten myself an obscure tune to like!

    sorry mate. now watch it be the biggest summer smash of the year …

  • It's everywhere right now, and is probably only not mentioned on iTunes because you can't buy it yet. Gnarls Barkley is DJ Dangermouse (who did the Grey Album) and Cee-Lo. Apparently the album's a bit rubbish with only the one good song.

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