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Avoiding the Oscars…

Avoiding the Oscars…

So it’s Monday morning. Since the Oscars are on a premium-subscription channel over here, I can’t watch the Oscars 2006 live. So I’m electing to hang on till 10pm tonight before I can watch the highlights programme, and till then I was resolved to try and avoid hearing about as much as I can.

This plan falls flat almost straight away when, in the WH Smiths of Crewe railway station at 7.30am, the news comes on over the radio to announce the shock of a gay cowboy movie being beat by a film that says that it’s occasionally ok to be a racist in Los Angeles. (Disclaimer: Haven’t seen either movie – I’m just being satirical, maaaan)

Make it to work, and I eventually realise that I have to avoid pretty much every single blog or website in order to keep my Oscars purity. But I think I just about managed it. So roll on 10pm.


  • I got to watch it live on ‘E’ from my NY hotel room.. šŸ™‚

  • Skarlett

    I got sooooo much hate from everyone around me when I declared what would win over the cowboys, and turned out to be right.

    Did you enjoy it?

    I needed a day of recovery from the parties afterwards, but it all made for a great final Oscar outing in LA for me šŸ™‚

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