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When old childhood taunts come back to haunt you…

When old childhood taunts come back to haunt you…

In case you hadn’t noticed, today was St. David’s day – celebrating the patron saint of Wales. The Welsh population were duly recorded with a veritable orgy of celebratory events – the opening of the Senedd / National Assembly for Wales, a football match against Paraguay, and a one-hour documentary on the closest thing Wales had to a political leader, Owain Glyndwr – he presided over the Welsh Parliament in the 1400s.

Scanning the credits for the programme as it rolled up the screen, I caught the surname “Wong”. And for a giddy millisecond, I thought that, finally, someone with roughly the same name as me had made it in Welsh media. (I have very low ambitions).

Alas, no. It turns out that the name listed is for a Wyn “Wong” Davies. throughout my childhood, I heard many a joke around my surname, such as win-wong, that sort of thing. It’s one hell of a shame to see such a joke repeated on the premiere documentary from BBC Wales for St. David’s Day. and one has to ask – why? What was the point? How does someone *get* a nickname like that?

Or maybe I should just get a life, as friends of mine have said.


  • I can understand why this would bother you. I’m very empathetic about these things. Comes with being married to a Chinese man, I suppose.

  • Wyn Wong

    Well, my dad certainly had a sense of humour and decided to call his first born child Wyn – except I'm a girl, born in Scotland, and Chinese to boot (have no idea why he chose a masculine Welsh name meaning "oh blessed white one"), and all those jokes about "win-wong" and "two wings don't make a wong" – heard 'em all !

    P.S: Congrats on the engagement!

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