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Why does it only ever so slightly snow on me?

Why does it only ever so slightly snow on me?

So I go to bed last night, resigned to seeing none of that glorious white stuff.

Until Anni rudely wakes me up via text at 6.30am to tell me to look out the window. Befuddled, I do – and see the glorious sight of snow falling down past my window into central Cardiff. Joy of joys – only tempered by the fact that since it’s bloody early, it’s still dark and the snow is illuminated by the orange street lights which makes it look, frankly, urine-stained.

By the time I actually emerge from my nice warm bed an hour ago, dawn has just broken through and Cardiff slowly awakes. The snow has stopped, but the sun is shining brightly and the snow has settled ever so briefly on the ground. Life looks beautiful in its stillness, and there are reports from Miss R of glorious snow in North Wales. So I ignore it all and go back to bed.

An hour later, Cardiff is back to its ugly fruitless ugly-chicken franticness, and all the snow has gone, melted away. So I go to work to await my notice of notice of redundancy (no, really! notice of notice. I ask you!)


  • So you get what you wish for, and then claim it's not enough? Picky, picky!

  • Even Vermont isn't getting its usual bucketloads this winter… except when I was there. At your economy doesn't depend on it.

  • It was 6.15 actually. And when I left for work at 8.30 there was 3 inches on the ground. In fact, when I got home there was still some snow on the grass (all gone from the roads though).

    Serves you right for not living out in the sticks 🙂

  • A Jersey Girl

    I invite you to come over and give 2-3 hours of your time to dig out my car that was plowed in at 3 AM to clear the lot and has now frozen…. Or try to find bread at the store at any time once they have announced snow, even if it is just a dusting… because clearly everything must be bought… what if we get snowed in forever? even though we went through the same process a week ago!

    Today's offering should start any minute (its 9AM and it is supposed to start at 10AM) oh wait! it HAS started and should dump 3-6 inches on the city and end just in time for rush hour.

    Its MARCH. What happened to spring?

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