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Why does it never snow on me?

Why does it never snow on me?

Yet again, the weather forecast suggests snow. Lovely, delightful, cleansing, pure snow. Snow that brings out the child in all good-thinking imaginative adults, and the chance to wear your winter gear and woollen mittens.

Unlesss you happen to be me, living in Cardiff. Because yet again, the snow seems to be set to fall everywhere in Wales. Except Cardiff. It’s snow not fair.


  • Where were you around 4.30 then? I was in a meeting with a big window, watching the snow come in over the hills to the east. At one point, one guy had to get up to close one of the blinds to the sun, and as he did so, the snow hit the window the other side, it was very bizarre.

    It snowed for about 20 minutes, before I saw it move off and head west.

  • Dunno about Cardiff, but I've woken up to a few inches of snow in Ponty šŸ™‚

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