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Does it really take a 4-man crew?!

Does it really take a 4-man crew?!

I’ve just been interviewed for one of those internal work “making things better”-type schemes, where I get to talk about life at work.

Naturally, I slagged everything off and even came up with a really cool soundbit about complacency and complaints.

What I can’t believe is that it took a 4-man crew to do this – surely things like this aren’t as important as things like making things that *do* deserve a 4-man crew?!

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  • Probably you had a director, cameraman, sound and electrician. Just the usual really. Otherwise you start putting people out of work.

    Also I bet they were doing millions of little interviews and it's probably quicker having more people doing them more quickly.

    I worked in Berlin once – shortly after reunification (well actually 4 days after). They sent a news crew to cover what we were doing – we were the first foreign orchestra in the newly-unified Germany. This was in East Berlin, and this crew doing a 1' news item was 7 strong! I kid you not. There was a producer, a director, a PA, camera, sound, lights and one other – possibly a soon-to-be-redundant Stasi officer.

    How did they ever get any news on air? But that's another matter altogether…

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