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Andrew Collins blogs!!!

Andrew Collins blogs!!!

Andrew Collins is one of those people who manages to make you realise just what a professional failure you are.

While I sit here panicing about the car tax that’s not renewing itself and the dust that just won’t leave my flat, musing on fanciful notions of future careers while barely remembering to make some coffee for myself (and perhaps do some of the work that’s teetering on the edge of my desk), he’s the kind of chap who managed to edit the two best (at their time) film and music magazines in the UK, makes regular appearances as expert on those Top 100 of Top 100s shows, and even now manages to present a radio show, edit the film pages of a major magazine, write a sitcom, and yet still find time to watch television, enjoy new music and presumably have lots of quality time on the sofa with his nearest and dearest. And now, he’s also got time to write a blog. All this while being a Doctor Who fan to boot.

Then again, he lives in Reigate and is a firm believer in the power of the Arctic sodding Monkeys so I guess it’s not all bliss and rock’n’roll.

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  • Andrew Collins

    Reigate's quite nice actually. Cardiff obviously 100 times more exciting, but if I need that kind of excitement I can get on a train and go there!

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