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Why Plaid Cymru's website is going back in time…

Why Plaid Cymru's website is going back in time…

Remember the first boom of amateur web content, back in the late 1990s? When the Web really took off, and people everywhere realised that with a few keystrokes, they could publish their own media? Remember what happened?

Umpteen personal webpages went up, mostly with pictures of themselves gurning helplessly, their cats, flashing text – and if they were *really* clever, embedded background MIDIs of the Knight Rider theme tune. Even at the time, I hated those, just because it would really grind up my comptuer and my 28.8k linkup.

Fortunately, people moved on and most personal webpages are of better design these days. Although some may argue that the content has gotten worse. Look at LiveJournal for instance. 😉

Not Plaid Cymru, it would seem. For, in the first phase of their new relaunch and design, they seem to have proudly promised to unveil a sonic logo on their website. At first, I thought it was a logo that would look like Sonic The Hedgehog, but apparently not. Instead, it’s a tune or a ditty or a riff, that will “welcome visitors to their website”. It can even be used as a mobile ringtone.

On one hand, it’s a unique idea. While the rest of the UK political parties mistakenly use theme tunes or pop songs to entice the party faithful (remember the fantastic sight of Prescott and Kinnock trying to bop their heads to Things Can Only Get Better?), Plaid Cymru take account of our vastly-diminishing ability to take in long pieces of information, and stick to a little ditty or jingle.

On the other hand, why? It’s not really going to entice people to visit the website, let alone vote for Plaid Cymru, it’s not going to persuade people that Plaid Cymru are a party for now – especially with that horribly antiquated website. And having music and little jingles on it isnt’ going to help one iota.

Sound on websites. They’re a bad idea. Plus they interefere with my MP3 playlist when I’m browsing the net anyway!


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