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Taking out the trash…

Taking out the trash…

Only I could thwart a car breakin through sheer ineptitude and just turning up.

It was Tuesday night, and came the weekly ritual of taking out the trash. After a nail-biting flat inspection from the landlord, who unexpectedly gave it the thumbs up.

So I walked downstairs and outside the flat with two bags of trash. While walking down the street, there was the usual gang of three or four teenage boys hovering around a car. When they saw me, three of them started casually walking up the street. And there was a person – I presumed it was a woman – leaning into the car. Not too sure why, and it looked odd but I thought nothing of it.

Then as the kids passed me, they all started shouting insults at someone. With my usual me-me-me view of the world, I though they were mistakenly referring to me so I just ignored them.

By the time I got to the end of the street, I realised that the woman leaning into the car was actually a small teenager. And there was a lot of broken glass around. By the time I twigged all this, he’d left and was walking a tad nervously to join his friends. Once he joined them, they all legged it across the road into the park, wearing their winter hoodies.


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