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My personality test!

My personality test!

Every time I pass a Scientology recruitment centre that advertises a personality test, I’m tempted to go in and say “Can I please be tested to see if I have a personality?”. But that’s just me.

Anyway, there’s a Johari / Nohari test, which is meant to give me an insight into how others view me, and how I view myself. Usually a mirror, but whatever works.

Just pick six positive adjectives out of this list that you feel describe me. Then you can join in the fun with your own personality evaluation, and realise that – yes, you too have a personality. Potentially a psychopathic one but that’s by the by…

And if you feel like psychologically assassinating me today, then pick six negative adjectives out of this list that you also feel describe me.

(Spotted via Skarlett – ta, chuck!)

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