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Do men really want James Blunt as a Valentines Day present?

Do men really want James Blunt as a Valentines Day present?

Scouring the Internet, I noticed that as part of their Valentines Day promotion, are suggesting that for the man in your life, you buy him the James Blunt CD/DVD for Valentines Day.

This strikes me as the most insane idea for a present since I was once given three Red Dwarf calendars in one year simultaneously, simply because it’s a man singing songs about love. Especially because it’s a man singing in a high-falsetto voice about love.

Heterosexual men would, by and large, much rather hear women singing songs about love, especially on such a romantic occasion. Maybe some K.T. Tunstall or Joss Stone if that’s your vibe. But you don’t want to hear men singing at the tops of their voices about love. There’s a reason why most fans of Westlife and Take That are male.

Of course this gets into the thorny issue of what you do buy men for Valentines Day. Got any ideas?


  • I wouldn't have a clue. I've always got it wrong. One year I bought my then man some quite frivolous stuff only to discover that he'd bought me diamond earrings. Luckily I had also booked dinner in an expensive restaurant (my treat) but he was still in a mood all night because he'd spent more money than I had. do all guys think like that or is he a loser?

  • Like girls don't think like that too πŸ˜›

    If I bought you a James Blunt CD and you'd gotten me diamond ear-rings in return for any occasion (be it Valentines, birthday or whatever), don't you think you'd be a tad annoyed too? πŸ˜‰

  • Personally, I shall be secretly asking Cupid for my special someone to bring me this for Valentines day πŸ˜€

  • Skarlett

    Got the fiance this, and this. After we'd agreed to not spend more than $40 on each other this year because we split the cost of a RT flight.
    But now I have to get him something else, because one of those little blue boxes has arrived, and I can't be the girl who got him a couple of clever shirts.
    It's very frustrating.
    For Ryan though, I got him naughty fortune cookies, a kids book, and we went to Sea World.

  • James Blunt: that's depressing. Why not cheer your lover up with some Coldplay?

    (3 Red Dwarf calendars?)

  • I got the HTB a Sainthood and a hotel room for the night as he's taking me to see Cirque De Soleil at the weekend.

  • I would think that any man would be delighted with a basket of condoms and lube. After all, however big the diamonds, to give of yourself is the most precious thing of all!!
    Not that I do Valentines Day (capitalist conspiracy along with Christmas and may other Clinton Holidays) and simply writing the word "precious" has made me feel very wrong!
    Off to find a bar with vodka and mean sailors (or to go home, picking small child up on the way, and look forward to opening a bottle this evening)!

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