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The Bloggies… are they crap?

The Bloggies… are they crap?

Oooh, controversial question, I know. Well, that is, if you care about this years’ Bloggies. But this year’s nominations at least show a little about the rut that blogdom seems to be in.

To take one example, little. yellow. different. has been nominated for best gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered weblog. For the fourth year running. Even though for the last couple of years that I’ve been reading his most excellent blog, there has been very little content regarding his ‘gayness’, for want of a better expression. It’s been about Yahoo, his family, life as a Chinese-American in California (well, I can dream). But it’s hardly been about being gay. As he himself says:

“while I’m gay, I don’t think of myself as that gay”

He’s even actively asking people not to vote for him, and to vote for other gay blogs instead. Then again, he’s won it for three of the last four years. He is the Barbra Streisand of gay blogs. 😉

Fortunately, it seems that my general blog-reading means that I have at least occasionally browsed through most of the nominations for Best British / Irish weblog. Which is probably more than I can say when this year’s Oscar nominations are eventually announced.

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  • Had to admit that aside from the UK blogs – and, of course, that Dooce woman – I hadn't heard of at least 75% of the blogs nominated, and nor did I feel particularly inclined to go investigate. Hence, after I'd cast my UK vote, I mostly breezed through the rest of the nominations picking the one's with the prettiest colours. I wonder how many other voters employed a similar system..?

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