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Circumcision in San Francisco…

Circumcision in San Francisco…

Geofftech’s surprise at the high number of circumcised men in the United States reminded me of this little anecdote.

On one of my holidays in the USA, I stayed at the cheapest hostel in San Francisco (somewhere down the Mission district) and got to know a few of the temporary residents. One of whom was a soft-spoken blonde American dude who was constantly touting around a guitar.

It was a bit of a surprise to me to find that he wasn’t in fact a Californian, but some other quiet part of the US. He was on his travels and had “settled” in San Francisco for want of something better to do, aside from composing songs and lusting after a German girl at the hostel.

So it came to pass we (quasi-Californian dude, German girl and a bunch of others) were in the kitchen, supping on a beer, when somehow the conversation turned to circumcision.

This sparked off a huge rant from the hitherto reasonably-quiet guitar person about how circumcision was evil, how it had been forced on him by his parents from birth, and how it was a savage denial of his “sexual rights”.

Not only that, he’d composed two songs about it. One of the worst things in life is being subjected to songs written by a complete stranger done acapella, with no beats or any recognisable hook, and yet being asked to appreciate it as you would the latest chart-topper. And after he performed his two songs about circumcision unasked, he looked at his surrounding audience (who were mostly international travellers) for a reaction. Most of them looked on blankly. Especially the German girl.

I think she left the next morning without offering her love to the guitarist. Wonder if that led to another savage song about the denial of sexual rights…

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