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Guess who's back (take #3)

Guess who's back (take #3)

I really must think up better post titles than riffing on Enimem songs. I don’t even like him.

Apologies to anyone who knew me in the run up to Christmas, as I was so bloody busy trying to deal with work deadlines, Christmas and organising a holiday trip that I plain forgot to acknowledge anything nice, really. But it was all worth it.

It was a marathon 16,000 mile journey across the UK and continents with Miss R to attend a lavish Chinese/Vietnamese wedding in Saigon, Vietnam, followed by trips with sisters and distant cousins over 9 flights and 4 hotels to Cambodia (including the fabulous Angkhor Wat temples where they filmed bits of Tomb Raider), a night on a junk boat in Halong Bay, Vietnam and 18 hours in Hong Kong seeing my parents, before flying back a couple of days ago. During which time I’ve barely stared at a computer screen, and just spent time with new friends, old friends and close ones. Which is nice. But I’m also bloody fed up of seafood, having spent two weeks eating luxurious (or not so luxurious) restaurant food. Home-cooked toast for now for me, please!

This pretty much ends my insane travels in 2005, which saw me visit the USA twice, a continent I’d never been to before, three new countries I’d never been to before, and met some new and old friends. I’ve now been to at least four of the United Nations’ World Heritage Sites, just this year. Now I’m knackered, and need some sleep and a holiday please.

Many more blog moments and posts to come (if they ever emerge from the depths of my memory) including random moments from a Chinese stag night, spending two weeks with my Chinese cousins, the noise and heat that is Saigon and Cambodia, just how Bill Clinton’s pho doesn’t agree with me, an atrocious Vietnamese covers band and dancing girls on a posh Saigon rooftop bar on New Years Eve, the pointlessness of a night on a junk boat, the beauty of Angkor Wat and Halong Bay, and how I love airports. Must go back.

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