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Watch out for Christmas

Watch out for Christmas

I had to head into town to do a little last-minute Christmas shopping (with my hectic schedule this week, today was actually the last lunchtime I realistically had to pick up last-minute bits and pieces).

So thus, while I was carrying my pack of toilet paper across the city centre, really annoying sales people kept interrupting my path. People selling The Big Issue. People selling gift-wrapping paper. Chavs selling mistletoe. Evil market traders pushing plush toys on little kids while their despairing parents struggled to figure out how they were going to pay for it.

But the worst of the lot has to be the watch sellers. There they are, standing on street corners, hawking their wares. Why? I defy you to find anyone who doesn’t already have a watch. You only have one wrist, one time zone. Why would you need more than one watch?

You know your nearest and dearest are really struggling for present ideas when they end up giving you a watch from a market trader for Christmas. Or perfume or aftershave, for that matter.

Then again, I find myself every year giving books, CDs or DVDs to the people I love and my friends. And every time, those books/CDs/DVDs tend to sit there, unused, unwatched, unloved. I think I need to broaden my gift-giving horizon next year. If I can afford to.


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