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Unforgettable … ? (#1)

Unforgettable … ? (#1)

About eight years ago, a British-Chinese comedian friend roped me into appearing on a few BBC Choice “vox-pop” trails on the subject of love, which was being made by a British-Chinese friend of his. There I learnt that I can do a piece to camera as long as I don’t memorise the script, and that said comedian friend and I had exactly the same comedic punchline to the question of what we looked for in a woman. I taped it, cringed at seeing my face on TV, and left it.

Today, I went to the works canteen, and noted that there was a British-Chinese dude there – as you do since it’s not exactly a regular occurence in my life. But I carried on eating my lunch and musing on my plans for world domination, when he came over and asked if he knew me from somewhere. Through a process of rationalisation and deduction, we deduced that he was the same producer from eight years ago. We caught up on our lives (as it were), he mused on the lack of diversity in the building (hey, welcome to Wales!) and swapped cards.

But it is strange, bizarre, quizzical and slightly touching that he would remember some guy who slipped into a darkened office one Sunday afternoon, said a few things to a camera, and left to get on with his life.

Still, I ought to be used to it by now. It happens a fair bit more than you might think!

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  • Adrian

    You might be interested to listen to the From Our Own Correspondent podcast from the BBC from last week – funny piece by a half English half Chinese woman living in China battling with her nanny's superstitions and traditions about baby rearing, while sneaking out for surreptitious cups of coffee and bananas.

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