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Why Brokeback Mountain?

Why Brokeback Mountain?

A couple of blogmates have expressed a keen interest in seeing Brokeback Mountain – you know, “that gay cowboy film”. As if it’s some stunningly new genius idea whose time has come, and everyone ought to be marched off to see it. If only to see Anne Hathaway naked.

The thing is, aside from its much vaunted innovative plot – what, two people who shouldn’t fall in love with each other do, and spend the rest of their lives torn between the person they love and the person they should love? That’s older than Romeo’n’Juliet! – why would I want to see a film about two cowboys getting it on?

I wouldn’t want to see a film about two cowgirls, or even a cowboy and a cowgirl getting it on, so why would the gay element or Anne Hathaway make it much more compelling?

Plus it sounds like a sad heartbreaking movie with tales of erm… heartache, loss and no redemption. Sounds like a ball of laughs. At least The English Patient had a wider dimension to its tale of woe, heartache and loss.


  • I do want to see the movie in spite of the story and setting. I have had a strange attraction to Jake Gyllenhaal as of late, and I have no idea why.

  • I suppose the plotline of forbidden love has always been around, but for me its the way the story is "retold", as it were. Does it have a different spin or twist to it? I think it might, and this sad, lack of redemption story may resonate with some who have loved and lost in a similar way. Just my two cents. 😛

  • Skarlett

    As a popculture fan, you should see it, just to show the studios that they need not fear making non-mainstream films.

    If this film gets lots of support in the theaters, maybe some other story, that middle-Americans fear, will also be made.

    I should get off my soap box though-I didn't go opening weekend, as planned, and I still have not seen it yet.
    But I intend too!

  • I am absolutely in favor of gay, male sex, being of the opinion that there has been entirely too much badly faked gay, female sex in recent years.

    Funny you should mention it, as I got into a big argument about it with another Brit who works here 😉

  • Ang Lee, that's why you should see it. At least, that's why I'm going to see it. If it's as good as The Ice Storm, it's going to be a great film.

  • I'm with Skarlett: As a popculture fan, you should see it, just to show the studios that they need not fear making non-mainstream films.

    Although I've since discovered that it's based on an Annie Proulx short story so it's sort of mainstream.

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