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Doing content is easy, right?

Doing content is easy, right?

Judging by the worth by which journalists and writers are generally paid, you’d have thought writing would be an easy task, right? Something that any old mug can do on the cheap? Well, it seems that these days, some places are paying peanuts. But of course, when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. One example I came across today:

You’re organising a week in which school children are encouraged to go to the cinema and watch films. The campaign is rather laboriously called National Schools Film Week – and you can visit their website at

However, I’m pretty sure that most schoolkids will just giggle at the other meaning of NSFW – which is to today’s generation what the red triangle on the top-right of a film being shown on TV meant to my generation.

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  • oh dear. that's a bit of a not-good acronym to use there. I wonder if they considered other options!

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