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Can't we just cancel Christmas?

Can't we just cancel Christmas?

Sorry to go on about this, but I really think it’d be better all round if we all postponed Christmas. Just by a week or so, just to give me a little more time.

The washing-up has been piling up alongside the laundry, simply because I need to get the international Christmas cards and presents out by Monday and get most of my family presents out of the way by Saturday.

My impending sense of panic and doom is, however, not helped by the terrible Christmas music that the shops and supermarkets are inflicting on my poor ears in an attempt to get me into the festive spirit.

Wizzard’s bloody cliched Christmas song kept stalking me the other day down the high street as I went into shop after shop in a vain attempt to find a suitable present. And then on the drive home, it came on again – from a caller who wanted that song instead of a sweet Christmas carol. Which is at least more calming after a long hour spent gazing at things that nobody could possibly want. Anyone who wishes it could be Christmas every day needs their bloody head examined.

In the meantime, VH1 are asking for your favourite Christmas song. Please let it be the superlative Fairytale of New York (being re-released this Christmas apparently). Let it be Dear Jessie. Let it be Always On My Mind. Let it be anything but that bloody Slade song.


  • Feel sory for my poor mum, who is doing an early Christmas for me this Sunday 🙂

  • Skarlett

    Avoid Tesco-
    Apparently this holiday they have music chips like the sort in greeting cards in their prepared sandwiches.
    You open a sandwich, and hear an xmas tune.

  • I like the Chipmunks Christmas carol, which is strangely, dementedly being run as an advert for The Sopranos (violent scenes depicted to rodent voices. Brilliant.)

    I am blissfully ignorant of "that bloody Slade song" 🙂

    Also, why do they call them "the high streets"?

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