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No more Christopher Robin

No more Christopher Robin

Sarcasmo’s Corner decries a news story that in Disney’s forthcoming Winnie The Pooh movie, Christopher Robin is being replaced by a six-year-old tomgirl.

Like Sarcasmo, I first reacted with more than a small hint of outrage at more descreation of our beloved childhood characters. Then I thought again.

Christopher Robin is/was the symbol of British chilren’s literature – but he was also stuffy, introverted and somewhat boring. A lead into the wonderful world of Pooh, but he didn’t actually really do anything. Mention the Poohniverse to anyone, and it’s all Pooh and Eeyore. Not Robin.

If we are all to embrace a wonderful diverse non-sexist/racist universe which embraces things like sexual equality, then we need to revise some of our childhood stories for a new generation. After all, Pooh was written in a time when women weren’t exactly expected to amount to anything much. Now they are, so why not change the odd character?

Of course, if it doesn’t work, I’ll be calling for their heads on a spike the size of Mars. But give Disney, for once, a chance first!


  • Skarlett

    I don't like the change-
    I think Christopher Robin was my first crush.
    I thought about him and his adventures long before I even noticed real boys.
    There'd be no Hundred Acre Wood to go to, if Christopher had not opened his imagination and shown us all how to get there.

    That said-I HATE Piglet!
    He is a cry baby, whiney, little bitch that I have not been able to stand as long as I can remember.

  • I hope it does work because it would be nice seeing more sexual equality and diversity in the media.

    You forgot Tigger and Piglet 🙂 I actually never liked Pooh, but all the side characters instead.


    That is all.

    P.S. They are just chicken 'cuz CR was probably gay.

  • Poohniverse… that's cool.

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