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Christmas madness kicks off again

Christmas madness kicks off again

And so the Christmas (when I say Christmas, I mean any ol’ secular occasion at the end of the year for food, drink, present-swapping and light-gazing as opposed to worshipping any particular deity) madness has begun again.

Friends of mine have mentioned that they’re getting stressed out by Christmas. To which I have blithely maintained that if you’re getting stressed out by Christmas, then you’ve lost the point of it all and, really, you ought to do your shopping online and relax. Which is my plan.

However, the plan does come a cropper when you find yourself starving, surrounded by food at Sainsburys on a Monday evening but you don’t have the time to stop for a cup of coffee because you have to get most of your family’s presents sorted by the weekend, the shop closes in 30 minutes and you have three other stores you need to go to. Not to mention the ethical dilemma of which charity Christmas cards to buy, whether your sisters will compare them to each other (of course they will!). And then your sister calls you when you’re at the checkout and blithely mentions that the other sister would definitely not like the Baileys and two-glass set you’ve just seen go past the checkout person.

Then you get home (eventually) and see emails from your other sisters saying that they’d prefer cash – which, to be honest, totally defeats the point of present-buying if you ask me.

Still, the first Christmas card of the year has already arrived on my doorstep – thanks Katy!

Now does anyone have any ideas for presents for women aged around 30, men aged around 30, men aged around 60 and women aged around 60?

Oh, and it’s not too late to join the UK’s Secret Santa 2005 !


  • I did 95% of my Christmas shopping online – more than I've ever done in the past and I am pleasantly unstressed! SWEET!

    What does "Come a cropper" mean? I've seen the phrase a couple of times in your posts.

    Be watching your mailbox…'tis the season, after all!


  • For the female aged 30 I would suggest perfume, or a perfume set. Virgin Vee do lovely gift sets of smelly's or makeup.

  • Hi,
    Just stumbled across you site whilst looking for other welsh bloggers. Nice site – I'll pop back from time to time. You can visit mine if you like where there is just a load of nonsense I've written, but its quite amusing apparently.



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