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The joys of Radio 2 ?

The joys of Radio 2 ?

When it comes to planning a marathon (to me) 700-mile round trip between South Wales, mid Wales, North Wales and Milton Keynes, planning becomes extremely important. But not about the route, oh no – it’s the tunes, man. What is going to stimulate your brain on those lonely roads.

However, my fiendish plan to sample podcasting with my iPod came a cropper when I picked up my otherwise lovely-if-petrol-guzzling car. It didn’t have a cassette player to which I could attach said iPod – just a radio and CD player. So I was stuck with the radio – at least in those fortunate times when the mountains of Wales didn’t shield me from radio transmissions.

And so it came to pass that on a Saturday afternoon, I was idly scanning through the radio stations. And I came across the bliss that is Saturday afternoons on Radio 2.

Now, normally I wouldn’t go anywhere near Radio 2 since I still, for some unfathomable reason, like to think of myself as a reasonably hip dude – even if I can’t stand gangsta rap. (that’s sooo 5 years ago anyway). To my diseased trend-following brain, Radio 2 has always been a bit of a slippers-and-Ovaltine radio station, while Radio 1 and 6 Music has been the hip young thing. A bit too hip, since I cannot bloody stand Sara Cox, and she still pollutes the airwaves on Sunday afternoons.

But then I stumbled across the tail end of Jonathan Ross, then came a glorious hour of “comedy analysis”, basically an excuse to stitch together a bunch of comedy clips. Then came Chris Evans, and he sounds as interesting and zany as he ever was – except it’s far more palatable on a Saturday afternoon driving up the A470 than on a bleary-eyed morning. Those three hours were radio heaven, as far as I’m concerned.

So get my slippers and Ovaltine on standby, and slot a Val Doonican 8-track tape into the player, would you?


  • One of my (many) secret vices is a good dose of Radio 2 on a Saturday. Sunday mornings are quite good (Steve Wright Love Songs then Parkie) but it all depends on whether 'imself is home. He enjoys the fishing programmes on Sky (Zzzzzzzzzz) so unless I want to clean upstairs for most of the weekend (I don't think so!), it's best to encourage him to go fishing if I want some peace 🙂

  • By the way, are you using a plugin for Technorati tags? I've just started looking into it and it would be good to hear other people's notes.

  • Ross is a British institution, I know what you mean about Cox though – however Moyles is something else entirely – death is th eonly answer.

  • R2 on Saturday mornings has been my choice for about a year now. Also the drive time period. I loathe Steve Wright in the afternoons but otherwise I find the variety of music rather more interesting than the playlists for R1.

  • I've been listening to Radio 2 for a long time now, and Terry Wogan in the morning is a must. Honestly, you won't find more intelligent banter first thing in the morning. All the cool old(er) people listen to Radio 2!

  • Oh, and you need to buy and iTrip. All your iPod/Car CD player problems solved. Slightly illegal, but hey, you're listening to Radio 2 now!

  • My radio is for shit, especially since the car won't run. 🙂

    But if it did, I could use biodiesel from recycled French Fry poo.

  • I love a spot of Radio 2 of a Saturday. I like Coxy too though on R1 – I think she's fun (ducks for cover). Let's face it, I'm a radio whore – I'll listen to anything 🙂

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