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Mr. Miyagi has died. :(

Mr. Miyagi has died. :(

The Karate Kid was the bane of my mid-80s childhood, and probably for most Chinese/Asian kids of my generation. When I was part of a British Chinese comedy sketch group, we all bonded over the childhood nightmares of hearing “left a-circle, right a-circle”, “wax on, wax off” etc. all the bloody time.

But even then, I was quite impressed that there was a Chinese-ish person acting in Hollywood, who was in the movies. (George Takei doesn’t count because he was only in the movies by dint of being in a 1960s sci-fi serial. Although he does have an amazing cultured-American accent).

So it comes to pass that Karate Kid actor Pat Morita has died. A nation isn’t quite in mourning – the obituary on BBC One tonight will be for an alcoholic ex-footballer – but it’s a shame to see someone who was briefly part of your TV-based childhood gone. I hope he had a good one. And it’s nice to know that he used his brief fame to good purpose by apparently and briefly owning a “Japanese-style restaurant called “Miyagi’s” on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood”. Apparently not.


  • Mr Miyagi was a cultural icon for most people of our age. It saddens me to know he's dead now.
    Whenever you watch a martial arts film, you can always say with confidence…."ah yes, that guy is the Mr Miyagi of the story!"

    Nice blog BTW 🙂

  • R.I.P. glasshoppa.

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