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It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas…

It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas…

Be warned. I usually hate it when bloggers go on about how much a song means to them because of certain lyrics. But hey. It’s November, nearly December, and a time of year when holding back from sentimentality can be a futile gesture.

The Pet Shop Boys (my favourite band, if you hadn’t realised) have put out a grand total of one Christmas song to date. The previously-unreleased, for fans only, It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas. During the heydays of my London years, I’d probably hear it at least at one Christmas party thanks to the Divebar crew – usually before I spent the rest of the evening making friends with the toilet.

Fast forward to 2005, and I haven’t heard it for ages. Until someone tells me that Elton John is putting it on his Starbucks Christmas CD, which is alas only available in the US.

So I pull it out of my MP3 collection to listen to again, and the lines:

It doesn’t often snow at Christmas, the way it’s meant to do
but I’ll still have a go at Christmas, because I’ll be with you.

leap out at me like a frost-covered gazelle. Partly because of its so Pet-Shop-Boys-and-me twist of its cynical front hiding a sentimental chocolate-covered centre. But mainly because Miss R, being the lovely woman who really makes a go out of Christmas, is determined to make me love Christmas. Good luck to her, I say, and now I find I can’t wait for December 25th. Bring it on. And the Doctor Who special, when I can finally see what a few key people in my office have been working on all autumn…


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