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Embarassed of my music collection

Embarassed of my music collection

As the days get colder and greyer, I find solace in a freezing office by listening to some of my MP3s.

Unfortunately, each MP3 I listen to tends to get listed on – and I like to leave my MP3 player on shuffle play, choosing from 2,500 tracks at random. (I’ve got far more at home, alas).

So once in a while, Winamp chooses a track which I happen to love, but could potentially be a bit embarassing. A song that I wouldn’t be proud to defend in my local record store, but that somehow I want to listen to. The question is, do I want the world to know I’ve just listened to that song?

But you know what, it’s just not that important. That the world doesn’t particularly care that I was listening to Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera crooning Nobody Wants To Be Lonely. Quite possibly the most ironic song of them all, considering Martin/Agueilera are very unlikely to be alone for a while – but it just works as a ridiculously dramatic over-emotional camp song. It should be headed straight to a West End musical.

So I listened to it. And yeah, it was good.


  • you won't get very far in london with that music taste! 😉

  • Couldn't resist having a look. It's not all bad; Pet Shop Boys are kinda retro-cool aren't they? But I've hardly any music taste either, so who am I to comment?
    (My worst albums contain music composed by Lloyd-Webber, but fortunately, I had the presence of mind NOT to upload them to my computer… Phew…)

  • It's from "High Fidelity", with John Cusack, but you'll only see in on the 'deleted scenes' part of the DVD. He has to give his top 5 all time top tunes, and he's on the phone, reading out a list. He reads out 6 instead of 5 and ends up by saying "I've just realised that six, and not five, and so I've got to go and do it AGAIN" (it's taken him all day to come up with those 6).

    Anyway, that's me, that it. Agonising all day about what your favourite songs are – marvellous!

  • I could be wrong but it seems to me that if you're using iTunes and switch to the mini player it stops sending info to

    I don't believe the scripts are counting properly, though – no way have I played some of those songs that many times today!

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