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Britain and America – what the world thinks…

Britain and America – what the world thinks…

BBC special on What The World Thinks of America – Andew Marr says:

“Today, the British sometimes seem more like strayed Americans, islanders who speak American, watch American, eat American, and increasingly think American too. “

Quite true if you ask me – although of course we also carry the burden of the whole “Been there, done that, couldn’t afford it” when it comes to the projection and enforcement of Britain’s “national” interests beyond Britain’s borders. Plus, of course, (I presume) we have a far greater understanding of our impact around the world, and why that might not be a good thing.

Then again, I’ve never been on holiday with a bunch of British louts in Spain! I do recall going to a similar enclave in the Dominican Republic and finding a bar that proudly poured bitter and showed British football matches. In the middle of the Carribbean.


  • Emma M

    FUCK YOU!!

  • i think britain is the greatest nation on the globe and to say the many native and etnic members of the british public are strayed americans is a complete and utter joke and who ever made that assumption should get their priorities straight and stop treating britain with racial descrimination and to stop comparing us to a nation which copies every aspect of all different etnicitys and has the nerve to call them'American'

  • Peter

    Confidential matter:
    My partner and I, feel that we are being descriminated against by the local county council, because we are English.
    We know someone who has a freind that has a good position in a large department in the county council, and this person has alegedly confirmed that descrimination is widespread against English people, and that innitials are put on the top of forms relating to English people (FEB) fff-ing English bast-ds.
    We have been constantly harraased by the trading standards department over a twelve month period, who have invaded our house and took anything away with them that they think may incriminate us in something, anything. Yet we know that we have not done anything wrong, but they will not leave us alone.
    We don,t know what to do or who to talk to about it.
    Can you help or advise.

    Regards Peter.

  • Simon

    The quote at the top honestly disgusts me, the British are not 'strayed americans,' because our Empire forged the modern world; sure we have alot of forign imports but thats just the modern world, modern enterprise is bound to increase the amount of forign influence in other countries. In fact alot of America is made up of cultural diversity. The statement about Britains going to Spain and drinking bear and watching football is very generalistic, those Britains who behave in such a way are only representative of the lower class of Britains, who are quite disgraceful, yet a lot of Britains are decent, polite hard working people!

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