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Thank goodness for Blair's defeat

Thank goodness for Blair's defeat

I’ve been too busy to blog about this all day, but thank goodness for Blair’s defeat over terror laws, and in particular the preposterous notion that the police need to have a suspect in custody for 90 days without charge, before they can prove whether there’s any reason to have said suspect in custody in the first place.

The omens were bad this morning when I woke up to BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, and in the space of a short news bulletin, they managed to squeeze in two soundbites from people who supported the draconian terror legislation – one from a policeman, and one from a victim of the 7 July bombings.

Now obviously both parties are going to very understandably support the legislation – but isn’t the BBC supposed to be balanced, especially on contentious issues? What about voices from, say, Liberty or people against the legislation? Where were their voices this morning?

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