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Favourite movie moments and what they say about you

Favourite movie moments and what they say about you

Flaming Zinc recently played an amusing game at her work where she asked her co-workers to nominate their favourite film scenes, and discuss what those scenes said about them, for a spot of cheap amateur therapy and psyschology.

This theory does come a cropper if, like an awful lot of men, you base your “favourite scene” moments on things like the end of Star Wars, or the sex scene in Deception/Reindeer Games.

However, for the purposes of this experiment, I shall nominate my favourite movie moments as being:

Chungking Express – just the riot of colours, sounds (and presumably smells) while one is running through Hong Kong (or any other neon-soaked city) during the night.

Face/Off – just the moment when Nicolas Cage gets out of the car, his cool-as-f**k jacket swings out with him and the music swells. For that moment, he is the coolest mofo in town and nothing can beat him. Never mind that he’s just planted a bomb in the middle of Los Angeles.

It’s A Wonderful Life – sorry to go all Dave Lister on y’all, but that moment at the end when George realises what he has, what he could have lost, and that everyone around him is happy and everyone is “saved”… It’s such a wonderful moment that, to be honest, I’ve never been able to see it again.

Almost Famous, when the entire gang starts singing a random song on the tour bus, and for those three minutes, the lead character feels like he’s found a tribe he belongs to, who get him. Even though he’s a pimply virginal 15-year-old with a talent for writing, and they’re all sooperstar rock gods who are banging Kate Hudson.

Maybe I need to see a psychiatrist. 😉 Amongst other things!

What’s your favourite movie moment, and what does it say about you?

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  • Skarlett

    Random song indeed!
    'Tiny Dancer' is one of those songs everyone thinks they know the words to when it comes on the radio 🙂

    Trainspotting-the scene where he takes that hit, and bends almost completely backwards, overtaken by the sheer power and pleasure coursing though him

    Fight Club-the scene where he's back in the office, and everything is turned down to a muffled whisper

    Moulin Rouge-when Spectacular Spectacular!! finally opens, and the camera pans back to reveal a stage set with layer after layer of visual movement and beauty-then the pan settles to a full shot, and it looks like one massive scene from an Indian fantasy

    Titus-when Lavinia has survived the attack and mutilation, and is empowered to scratch the names of her attackers in the sand-music swell, jagged quick cut shots, and a small expression from Hopkins that protrays his step to madness having just occured

    Resevoir Dogs-the 'I don't tip' scene-it's perfection of writer and actor coming together

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