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What's the point in learning how to pole dance?

What's the point in learning how to pole dance?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you can now sign up for pole dancing lessons. However, I have to ask, why ?!

I’m hardly a bra-burning feminist, but why on earth would women sign up to this? It doesn’t exactly look easy or fun, and women are perfectly capable of dancing and looking remarkably sexy without having to resort to dancing next to a metal pole.

Or am I missing the virtues of pole dancing?


  • I am in agreement with your state of perplexion. I was actually on a date with a guy a few weeks ago who asked why is it not OK to have pole dancing classes at the YMCA if they have gymnastics because isn't it the same thing. I emphasized to him that pole dancing is undeniably sexual in nature while gymnastics can get you a spot in the Olympics.

  • It's apparently good to keep fit

  • So, have you signed up for them?

  • Skarlett

    I've taken a couple of the classes. It's really quite tough. Lots of slow movement and muscle concentration. What I don't like about it is the stuff they call 'floor movement' which is mostly laying on your back and doing the splits-or something like them.
    To me, THAT is not sexy, so I don't like doing it. To me sexy is implication, or possibility, not display and no mystery.

  • i don't know… but according to that link there's a class up the road from me so I'll investigate and report back 😉

  • I would be afraid the pole would fall off and puncture my bits or something.

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