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Reasons not to date a redhead #1

Reasons not to date a redhead #1

We interrupt our specialist programming to inform you that Sun editor and fiery redhead Rebekah Wade (not 36-24-36 presumably) was arrested (and later released without charge) for an alleged assault on her husband, former EastEnders actor Ross Kemp. Who had an onscreen image for being a bit of a hard man.

According to BBC News, “Scotland Yard said Mr Kemp, 41, sustained a “thick lip” but declined medical aid”

I cannot get out of my head the image of a shaven-head Ross Kemp quivering and cowering as he’s confronted with the rage and furious anger of a tabloid journalist editor *and* redhead. And then I ponder on the news headlines tomorrow and wonder if the headline of the day will be “Kemp is a *** scumbag” with full details about his lovemaking technique – or something like that. Hell hath no fury than a scorned tabloid editor of the UK’s most widely-read newspaper…


  • OMG… have you seen Popbitch?

    'Why did Rebekah Wade attack Ross Kemp?
    Presumably for a bedroom indiscretion, but
    did she really stab him? And what was the
    gender of the third party?'

    this story gets better and better!

  • Skarlett

    but really, don't you know what you're in for when you sign up for a redhead?

  • Hang on. A woman has been cautioned by police for an alleged assault on EastEnders actor Steve McFadden.I smell a rat, I surely do.

  • ChrisO

    Take a look at the BBC story at… …

    "A woman has been cautioned by police for an alleged assault on EastEnders actor Steve McFadden.

    The arrest took place just hours after the wife of his co-star Ross Kemp – Sun editor Rebekah Wade – was freed without charge after an alleged attack on Kemp. "

    Join the dots… 😀

  • HAAAA! Ross Kemp is a pussy boy.

  • Hey! No dissing someone for their hair colour! There'll be words!

    OTOH, diss Wade for being a terrible editor of a terrible newpaper and a sychophantic Murdoch arse-licker.

    And I've just suddenly joined two semi-balding shaven-headed dots to wonder who this mysterious third person is. Yeach.

  • You and your redheads.

  • This may be old hat by now, but I know not only the gender but also who he was found in bed with that caused the fighting in the street which led to neighbours calling the police.
    However, as I said, may be old hat?

  • Apparently not…

    "But between the end of the birthday party and their arrival home, a row started. According to sources close to the couple it developed quickly and Kemp rang 999 in a fit of anger" – MediaGuardian

  • So a redhead women beats up a man and now all redheads are weird?

    So from implying that if 1 person of any hair color makes an assault against somebody else then the whole race of their hair is psycho. Well I think everyone is crazy then.

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