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Down dotcom memory lane

Down dotcom memory lane

Gather round, grandchildren. Before there was Napster version 2, there was Napster version 1. And just after Napster was shut down, all the kids ran to Audiogalaxy for their illegal music-swapping needs. Until the lawyers caught up with them too.

Unlike most dotcoms, which closed down with a nasty 404 error, this one appears to have been left up, and frozen in time.

After the lawyers caught up with the site around 2000, it soldered on, offering legal downloads of music. Unfortunately, most of the time it wasn’t what the people wanted – but I was surprised to find that it soldered on till at least the summer of 2003 before someone left the building. But they didn’t leave the lights switched off, someone else is still paying the server bill and thus the site is left, frozen in time from summer 2003.

How sweet.

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