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Better than ?

Better than ?

Right now, I need titanium matchsticks since I’ve just jetted back from Noo Yawk with Miss R. I ought to be blogging about depressed elevator operators, cold coffee, annoying Texan couples, almost getting into an NBC party for The View, freezing weather, SkyMall catalogues, eating more food than is physically possible, overpriced Christmas baubles, how catching a taxi makes you feel like a man (god-damnit) and snow on the Empire State Building.

Instead I’m going to blog about this new “social” bookmarking website I found, called Netvouz. Which is better than in almost every way – except for social bookmarking.

Netvouz offers all the things you need in a social bookmarking site – namely tagging – but it also offers automatic link validation, categories, and direct import from Firefox. Plus the rather sobering statistic that I now have 1746 bookmarks that need editing and retagging. Joy.

But it doesn’t offer the things you need for social bookmarking, like copying favourite people’s links and the like. If only there was a service that combined the two functions. Can’t be that hard, surely?

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your positive feedback on Netvouz.

    Just wanted to let you know that all the social features you request are in plan and are being developed right now. So stay tuned 😉

    //Henrik Sjostrand, Netvouz developer

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