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Funny lip-synching Chinese dudes

Funny lip-synching Chinese dudes

Stuck in an airport for six hours? Baggage carousel for 30 minues before realising US Airways never even bothered transporting your suitcase in the first place? Taxi rank for 10 minutes?

Literally minutes and hours of endless amusement were found by me camply lip-synching on our recent trip in New York to Miss R to whatever music was around. Either that or reading aloud theatrically from the SkyMall catalogue. (Not to worry, Miss R got her own revenge by constantly extolling the virtues of her new discovery, a wrap sandwich US-style).

However, what I thought was just a silly thing between me, myself and Miss R has been knocked aside by the realisation that this hilarious video of two Chinese dudes lipsynching to I Want It That Way and other Backstreet Boyz hits shows how, with a little rehearsal and a co-conspirator (and perhaps a thinner chin), I could have been an (Internet for 10 milliseconds) sooperstar. Drat.

Or maybe I just need to find a co-conspirator. Geoff, how’s about it? 😉


  • That video is pretty freakin' funny. I like the over-exaggerated mouth movements.

  • Skarlett

    Thanks to security here at the office, I can't see it 🙁
    Now I'll be wondering about the Back Dorm Boys all day-

    Did they intend that to come off like a reference to Deliverance?

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