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The joy of a good haircut…

The joy of a good haircut…

I took a glance in the mirror yesterday, and was startled to realise that instead of the reasonably sleek haircut I thought I’d been sporting all summer, I’d become a 1970s relic complete with Argentinan-President-style sideburns. So, to find someone who’ll cut my hair.

This is no easy task. In my student days, I wrote about the terrors of hairdressers, and in the intervening decade, there has been no new progression in the art of massacring hair.

There was a brief blissful point when oh-so-PC Lynx deoderants sponsored a hair salon for men in Oxford Street, which allowed you to play Playstation games while you got your haircut but it was more of a marketing event and didn’t last very long. And the haircut wasn’t very good – although it did have the all-important low-cut boobage factor.

I even once went to an upmarket hair salon in Wimbledon that charged £40!!! for a haircut. I had an important party to go to that evening, so I vainly hoped that the price would result in a killer haircut. Alas, the money seemed to go towards a lukewarm glass of white wine (ooooh, so London!) and a mediocre haircut.

For the last four years, I’ve essentially given up all hopes of a good haircut, and gone to a local Greek barber who’s quick, fast, efficient and charges £10. But it’s not particularly stylish.

Some of my friends have been endlessly suggesting that I get a short blonde crop (me? blonde? with my Chinese genes? Are you kidding?), or better yet, go bald. However, the one attempt at this look suggests the world, and I, are not ready for this yet.

So, yet again, I was forced to look for a new place to get a haircut, since I was in Colwyn Bay. Miss R suggested her dad’s place called Lox Box – but for want of any better recommendation, I went in with trepidation.

And it was fine. The service was fast, quick and easy and the resulting haircut seems fine. Even if my work colleagues have not noticed yet.

But, this haircut salon had one innovation that NO OTHER HAIR SALON I HAVE BEEN TO HAS HAD. From London to Louisiana, from Bradford to Baton Rouge, I have yet to have gone to a hair salon that showed music videos on a small TV set. I was in heaven. This meant that instead of trying not to look at someone cutting my hair, I could swivel my chair and happily watch television while someone tended to my hair. And it only cost £6.


  • So what kind of videos did they show? Did you also get a massage and a shave? Were there any other extras? (and being an American.. I'm trying to decide exactly how much L6 translates to.. 😉 I'm thinking it was an inexpensive price. =)

  • Miss R

    Glad to be of service!

  • I think it's about 12 bucks, Kiri. So, yeah, dirt cheap.

    I adore my stylist. She's fast, she's cheap, she's friendly without being false, and she gives great cuts. I would follow her to the ends of the eart.

  • i know the feeling… thick asian hair ain't easy to cut. but i was lucky and found a good hairdresser 11 years ago. stuck with her since, and was gutted when she took off on maternity leave just before i left edinburgh.

  • This local Greek salon, if it's the famous 'brothers', then they really are famous. Apparently well known for winning competitions in cutting mens hair. Recommended to me by my old hairdresser in Smalltown, but I was informed they were very expensive to cut womens hair.

  • is there a feed for LJ with your new site? *curious*

  • If I'm in Cardiff and need a haircut I either nip into Tigi (opposite the Owain Glyndwr)as I love all the funky gunk and gorgeous smelling shampoos or Gee & Hayes. I have found memories of Gee & Hayes as they turned me into a blond for a number of months before I got fed up of having my roots done. Ah, happy days.

  • Just go for a mullet wig, it's so much easier!…

  • Buy some trimmers. Ten quid from Argos, last for years. You can then have your hair in many varied styles from quite short, to short, to really short. Ideal for all occasions.

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