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Those evil Last Exorcism marketeers

Those evil Last Exorcism marketeers

I’m a very jumpy person, and I hate shock videos – after an evil friend sent me one, I couldn’t face my computer for a day. I stopped playing Quake 2 when they threw an alien spider in my face, for goodness sake.

So I feel nothing but sympathy for the poor sods who were surfing Chat Roulette looking in vain for a woman to take their clothes off on camera. Then they found one who seemed to turn into a posessed devil woman – of course it turned out to be a scary viral video promoting The Last Exorcism.

If they were really strangers – then they may well be charred for life. Although I suspect that they were actually actors or people paid to surf Chat Roulette for a while – how would you get the clearance rights?

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  • pixus75

    It seems chat roulette isn't working now. just when i was idle enough to check it out. – "the experience is over" – they're relaunching 'tomorrow' for at least a few days now.
    (legal problems ? even wiki isn't up to date !)
    Not that i was expecting anything i haven't seen before, gen x was naughty and burnt long before the facebook and other fails of the annoying Y-outh. I'll just say yahoo chat, lj and dating sites.
    You know what I'm talking about. 😉

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