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Current issues with WordPress and blog moves

Current issues with WordPress and blog moves

Honestly, it’s like moving house. Except worse because there are thousands of strangers who want to find out where I’ve moved to, and one uber-monster (Google) whose pagerank I’d like to keep. Even though I don’t have access to the .htaccess file on the old server.

Anyway, these are the current issues of the day:

– Despite having chosen a relatively funky new net nickname ID, the one thing I hated it has come to pass. I’ve dropped to the bottom of all my friends’ linkrolls. Damn. Maybe I should have chosen another net nickname. Any suggestions?

– As a quick’n’messy way of seeing daily stats, Google searches and referrers etc., I used Extreme Tracking. Is there a better free system out there that you use?

– I don’t like the way in which WordPress integrates Trackbacks as just an extra comment. Trackbacks and links back to my site are special, darnit!


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