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Got a bad feeling about Bond…

Got a bad feeling about Bond…

Two quotes taken from the BBC News story announcing Daniel Craig as the next 007:

Asked earlier this year if he would take the role, Craig replied: “Well, the emotional level is not there and that’s important for me.

The English star … arrived at a press conference in London by speedboat to be confirmed as the next 007.

I’m not sure if we need a younger, harder, gadget-free Bond. The gadgets are all part of the fun fantasy mix – take away that fantasy and you’re left with Timothy Dalton. Who didn’t exactly wow audiences.

Die Another Day, for all its schizoidness between the two extremes of Bond, had enough fun elements to appeal to people everywhere. It made gazillions. Did the franchise need changing?

And even if it did, harking back to a darker, grittier Bond isn’t going to do the job. We’ve seen that with Timothy Dalton – and let me tell you, The Living Daylights is an exceedingly dull film. Licence To Kill is like watching Lethal Weapon Lite.

If you are going to change or reboot the franchise, do it a la Doctor Who. Find someone with vision, and new ideas instead of just rehashing various old elements into something that looks vaguely new. Quentin Tarantino has been begging for a Bond slot for years. So has Steven Spielberg. Why give it to a professional hack like Martin Campbell?


  • I can’t imagine Bond being other than suave and sophisticated. I think Robbie Williams would have been a good bond. He’s got the Sean Connery impish machismo about him.

  • Good Lord. The man looks like Steve flippin' McQueen, for crying out loud.

    It's not a bad thing, but I would have preferred Ioan Gruffud!

    Or a time machine for Connery to be young again, "Dr. No" and "Goldfinger" era young.

  • Sean Connery *gets dreamy eyed* for me, the ultimate James Bond.

  • Big D

    I'm sick of people having a go at Tim Dalton. OK on screen he wasn't that good, but if you ever read the books (thats like a computer but all the words are on paper:-) then you'd realise that Dalton was the closest James Bond to the books.

  • I liked the two Dalton films. Personally I thought he got screwed with two fairly bad scripts, but was a good Bond himself.

    Brosnan really looks the part, but his films have been weak. The last one was *awful*, virtually relying on dubious special effects and naff technology.

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