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What's so great about the video iPod?

What's so great about the video iPod?

Geofftech is one of those who were “lucky” enough to soak up all the free food and wine at the launch of the video iPod. Which seems to be just about the only good thing about the anti-climatic announcement of the video iPod.

The screen is tiny, there’s no widescreen and as far as I can tell, there’s no option for users to upload their own video content or home movies to it. So it’s still a music player with a hard drive that can also do video. But that’s it.

Compare that to the Playstation Portable. It’s got a proper screen for watching video. It can play games and music. You can upload your own video content. The only thing you can’t do is bolt on a hard drive to it – or buy American TV shows at US$2 an episode to watch.

I think I know which one I’d get. If I had any spare money.


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