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All-American Girl on DVD!

All-American Girl on DVD!

Perhaps the only Western-Asian comedienne who’s “made” it, Margaret Cho has just done the commentary for the forthcoming DVD release of All-American Girl”. Which ought to be interesting just to look at where it went right, where it went wrong and where it went nowhere at all. My brief incursion into British Chinese comedy has been well documented, so suffice to say I am more than slightly interested in seeing the programme and the results with the benefit of hindsight.

However, Margaret Cho’s highlighting of the realisation that there were “NO GAYS!!!” (her emphasis) in All-American Girl is perhaps a reflection of how her fans are pretty much pink-friendly these days.

In American comedy circles, are her fans more likely to wave a pink rainbow flag or an Asian flag? I rather suspect the former, in which case it ought to be interesting to speculate why she never got the support of Asian-American people.

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