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Management Development – my ass!

Management Development – my ass!

Just spent two days away doing a “Management Development Programme” thing thanks to my employers.

Whoever draws up this stuff can’t have taken any notice of things like David Brent, because items like the seven-point-plan to giving feedback (aka telling your staff off!) are given without any hint of irony by the likes of John Cleese. The last point – “end on a compliment” seemed so farcical we thought it was a joke – but it wasn’t.

Still, at least the whole sordid day prompted me to finally do something with my current work conflict – that of having my favourite project taken from me, but not before I have to do some more development work on it, *present* it to the Board, work on it – and then hand it all over to someone else. Never mind that my bosses haven’t told me what will replace it. Still, apparently if I join the Union, I’ll get some impartial advice on what to do. So I guess I’ll be doing that 🙂

Anyway, got a hectic week ahead – dinner tomorrow night, London and Wales for the weekend, back in Cardiff for a week of work and presumably filing complaints to HR and having my ass lit – then back to London! Oh boy oh boy oh boy…

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