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Are we all going to die ?!!!

Are we all going to die ?!!!

In the apocalypic Brit TV series The Last Train, the end of the civilised world is preceded by helicopters frantically buzzing to-and-fro across the UK, and other high-level noisy, if unknown activity from police cars and the like. I was cycling across London on 9/11, again when helicopters and police cars were buzzing around all over the shop.

Today, in Cardiff, two helicopters have literally buzzed past the office window and I’ve seen a fire engine or two hurtling across the main road. Not to mention that a fair few BBC News pages seem to have gone offline. Is something going on today I’m not aware of?

Never mind the fact that two hurricanes across the US in a month have the potential to knock out 25% of the US’s oil production facilities. Is Mother Nature wreaking her revenge?


  • If I were her, I would certainly be pissed off. And could anyone have guessed that two actors might end up battling it out for Governor of California? At least one of them has played a President in a movie (and actually qualifies to be President some day).

  • Skarlett

    Mother Nature may be a bit pissed off-
    Seems to be an awful lot of cleaning up going along-don't forget the people trampled on that bridge in the Middle East recently too.
    On the news here today, the talk is that everyone is agreeing Los Angeles is due for a really big quake, maybe even "The Big One".

  • akatsuki

    And here in LA, it'd be odd not to have choppers constantly overhead… Which just goes to show that Cardiff is going to the dogs.

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