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Am I reading too much into this? ;-)

Am I reading too much into this? ;-)

I got an email about some forthcoming racism conference from my union, with the one-liner:

“We are asked to encourage all black and ethnic minority members to consider attending.”

Am I just reading way too much into that sentence or am I right in thinking the email writer doesn’t actually want to encourage attendance? 😉


  • Skarlett

    Seems to me they don't want anyone there, but were forced to invite folks.

  • I'm more focussed on "black and ethnic minority". Isn't "black" an ethnic minority? Or if not, why are they separated out? Why not just put "non-white Anglo-Saxon Christians" and be honest about it?

  • I don't think you're reading too much into that sentence. I don't think the author read it at all, for that matter.

    Is it a pro-racism conference?

  • That's an odd statement since often it's the non-black and non-ethnic minorities who exhibit the racism and not the other way around. Color me nutty.

  • By the way, how important do you think you are that you have to filter for "malicious" comments? It's annoying the hell out of me. Where's my instant gratification???

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