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I'm a broadband addict.

I'm a broadband addict.

Last night, I decided to finally cancel my NTL cable modem internet in favour of the ADSL 8 Meg service from Bulldog – although in reality we only get 5 Meg. And that’s when the trouble started.

I had to briefly unplug the modem/router to move it from one location to another. And after that, it just refused to work. The same light came on the router all the time, but nothing else would respond. Not the reset button, nothing.

Now I’m faced with at least a week of non-internet access at home. I don’t even know how my flatmate and I are going to begin to cope. It’s become an essential service for us – and you never know what you love until it’s gone. *sob* I give it a week before my flatmate cracks and thumps me for having blown up our net access.

Oh, and we literally went cold turkey with the broadband. Hell, we had to put the heating on this morning.


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