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Why Plaid and the Tories are alike…

Why Plaid and the Tories are alike…

On the face of it, there’s not much that’s the same between them. One’s Welsh and left-wing, one’s English and quite right-wing. But they both seem to have the same issues.

Both parties think they need to change in order to win over more of the electorate. Elements of both parties seem to want to do so by electing old faces as presidents, be it Ken Clarke for the Conservatives, or
Dafydd Elis-Thomas for Plaid Cymru.

There is, of course, one major huge flaw in the strategy. Party veterans may like the candidates involved, but the electorate clearly didn’t, otherwise they’d have been swept into power in a glorious rush. Or something.

Personally speaking, Wales has enough of an image problem in terms of old men sitting in country pubs wearing doff caps and isolated from the rest of the world, without electing a man who, every time I see him in the local pub, I imagine to be about 75. Bit of a shock to find he’s actually 59.


  • Josiejo

    No they’re not left wing. they’re almost on a par with the bnp as far as I’m concerned. I’m relieved to see most people in Wales had more sense than to vote for them this time.

  • Plaid Cymru are going nowhere fast as it is, but Dafydd Elis Thomas (Everyday, when I wake up, I thank the Welsh I’m a Lord) as leader will split the party members even further.

    He was a promising and feared politican, but nowadays he’s a sellout and talks crap most of the time.

  • Dylan Llyr

    Josiejo, that's just utterly bizzare. Clearly you don't actually know anything about PC. They are very firmly left of centre. The closest comparison, as regards policies, (other than their SNP brothers, obviously) would be the Lib Dems.

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