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Will people stop queueing for petrol ?!

Will people stop queueing for petrol ?!

I went to the supermarket yesterday for my daily groceries, and was astounded to see the queues at the local petrol station, thanks to the stupidity of the fuel protestors who just want to bring the country to a halt, rather than raise their prices for fuel like other companies do.

The last time around, five years ago, the protestors blockaded the refineries – and there were rumours of aggressive action, like truckers fearing for their lives – which resulted in empty supermarket shelves, people panicing and stealing petrol from their neighbours, and rumours of emergency services being severley disrupted.

I can’t believe the fuel protestors want that to happen again – but it’s symptomatic of their selfishness and holier-than-thou attitude that they want to panic the rest of the country, rather than accept that petrol prices are going to go up, stay up and should charge accordingly. And if they lose their job so be it – I don’t exactly see the government bending over backwards to help the rest of the unemployed masses by cutting their taxes.

Selfish gits, the lot of them. Heaven knows what it’ll be like when the petrol finally *does* run out.


  • I’m for keeping it around $4.00 a gallon if it keeps people from driving like hell.

  • Skarlett

    Does no one remember the mayhem from 5 years ago?
    Come on!
    Is the media sensationalizing the story?
    Here in Los Angeles we’re complaing about $3.25 a gallon, and it’s on the news EVERYDAY.

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