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Why don't people like doing anything?

Why don't people like doing anything?

When I lived in London, countless fantastic and unique entertainment opportunities would make their way to my lap – a secret private gig from Eddie Izzard, two tickets to a black-tie premiere attended by Prince Charles that was so exclusive, guests had to be pre-vetted by MI5, that kind of thing. And time and time again, I’d call all my friends, and they’d all regretfully inform me that they were just too busy/tired/bored/not interested to go along.

I’ve just done the same forlorn exercise again in an attempt to rustle up interest in a Q&A with a TV genius here, and had absolutely zero interest. One of my friends was busy with his mother – who doesn’t exactly live that far away.

Are people always way too busy with the minutae of their lives to go and do something more interesting? Or is it my asking technique? πŸ˜‰


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