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That irrestible siren, Starbucks

That irrestible siren, Starbucks

This is the thing. I’m a (reasonably) ethical consumer. My energy comes from green suppliers, I try not to drive, and I use Ecover. I don’t like using multi-national corporations, like Tescos and Microsoft. They make too much money. Especially Starbucks.

But … this is the thing …

I like their coffee shops. I like their coffees. I like their inoffensive quasi-community (without actually having any community) style which manages to be bland but slightly quirky and trendy at the same time. I know it’s all part of a ruthless clever marketing strategy and it’s a huge colossus which is stamping out small entrepreneurs and innovation in the coffee marketplace. But I don’t really care, I like it that much.

I could walk into any $tarbuck$ and feel utterly safe, relaxed and even slightly trendy with my thick white mug. I could die for a six-pack of frappucinos to take home and stick in my fridge. I even harbour a desire to start collecting $tarbuck$ mugs, and work as a barista in one asking whether you want chocolate sprinkles with your coffee.

Why ?!


  • Starbucks simply provides superior service to caffeine junkies. They’re fast and efficient, and their coffee has a higher caffeine content. Yes, I like going to independent coffee houses that are fun-kay and encourage lingering and play something besides acoustic Alanis Morissette or whatever other CD they’re pimping this week, but when I’m jonesing in the morning, please, please just give me my fucking fix.

  • $tarbuck$ has the best tasting coffee. We have a Costa here in work. It sucks. I walk the 5 minutes to $tarbuck$ every day to get my fix. It's just that good.

    Don't even get me started on their 'strawberries and cream' mmmmm

  • Mmm, all this talk of coffee reminds me I haven't had a mug in an hour… Need to go rectify that now.

  • I feel I should hate Starbucks, as it's so big etc, but I still go in there for coffee.

    And hate myself for it.

  • They give you a MUG?! I don't think we have that option here in Lo$ Angele$.

    I don't mind large companies if they are reasonably decent to their employees and the environment. Impact on small businesses still sucks, though.

  • Pisser, I know when I went to NYC they only served in the paper cups.

    Over here though, yeah, they give you mugs. The famous starbucks mugs.

  • Drink tea, it's the only answer

  • Their skinny blueberry muffins rock. Even though they're glued to the roof of your mouth for about 4 hrs afterwards!

  • I hate Starbucks but sometimes have zero choice but to get coffee there as they have taken over almost every single coffee outlet in London. (Grumble)

    But no matter – there is always the irreplaceable joint known as the pub.

  • Arcane Thrust

    I would rather Suck Satans Cock than go into a Starbucks and pay about £10 for a lukewarm coffee served by a waitress with a highly-visible STD and a biscuit that would make Mr Kipling reach for his revolver in disgust.

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